Buy Red Roses

Flowers have actually long been used to send messages and in Victorian times ‘floriography’ (the language of flowers) was a popular ways of communication. Although we might not use flowers to connect nowadays, some have actually preserved their original definitions, the red increased being among these.

Red roses symbolizes passionate, romantic love and this is why they are such a popular present for Valentine’s Day. In fact, the meaning of the rose as the symbol of true love in fact began long before Victorian times. It was stated that the red rose was the preferred flower of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love. If you are thinking about purchasing your spouse or girlfriend the conventional dozen red roses this Valentine’s Day, we urge you to do something a bit various instead.

If you’re planning a charming night in (either house or away) then buy red silk petals that will help set the scene and create a splendidly charming mood. Spread them over the bed or along the floor to blaze a trail, plus you’ll likewise get four tealights and an invitation card to invite your partner to her romantic evening. Great for new or long-term couples, this kit is a lovely gift. For some extra detail, check out our I Love You Gift Tin, which contains the rose petals and three scented candles, but also a love declaration certificate, a love poem scroll, some love heart chocolates and a semi-precious stone heart pendant.


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